A Comfy Bathroom For The Guest

Chic Comfort Bathroom Ideas
Visiting a friend’s house often cause a life time memory in our minds. Especially when we have to spend overnight at our friend’s house. At least there will be a bathroom session there. Has it happened to you before? An improved bathroom layout shall make the space more welcoming for future visitors.

Bathroom Style

First of all, think of new designs with comfort as the main objective. Look for some samples from magazines or pictures so you can make an initial outlines for your design. Reading some bathroom makeover ideas could prove to be useful too. Read materials from popular books such as Diane Love’s work on : “Yes/No Design: Discover Your Decorating Style With Taste-Revealing Exercises and Examples from Rizoli International Publications. To get a better picture about what a bathroom designs must look like, go to a bath, kitchen, and plumbing showrooms alone.

The key to your designs is the possible requirements of the future guests. You should make the bathroom looks larger and roomy as possible. Beside of that, be selective in choosing materials for the shower, for the flooring, and the countertops.

Professional’s Advice

If you want a professional results, you must use a professional designer’s advice. The reason is that they know how much elements needed for one creation and will give you the best plan in relation to the overall size of the bathroom. A professional designer will tell you that the basic necessities for a guest baths is not as luxurious as we might think before. The necessities covering the basic things such as a toilet, a shower,and a sink. And don’t have to be as luxurious as a master bathroom. There is no need to provide multiple sinks or grand tubs, the secret is a stylish arrangement. Make your guests pleased with the decorative and accented atmosphere by providing fine lighting, an attractive mirror, and a counter space.


Different with prime bathrooms where guests tend to feel over entertained with luxuries and high priced materials, for guest bathrooms, a conservative option is much preferred by most homeowners. According to Sara Ann Busby, a known designer from National Kitchen and Bath Association, most people only like to go ordinary for their guest bathroom’s option. They want their guest bathroom to look nice but not that all out.

Too many storage in a guest bath makeover will cause a fault ideas in the minds of the visitors. This will make the visitors feel at home. How do we solve this? We can solve this by providing a drawer with narrow size to keep a hairbrush or a toothbrush. Well, do you think its just a joke? Well, the guest bathroom is associated with comfort and the homeowners shouldn’t lose the convenient aspect of the guest’s visit.

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