Choose Bedroom Paint Color Schemes

Bedroom Interior Paint Ideas

As one of the most private and personal areas in the house, a bedroom has to be designed and decorated in a proper way. The bed, the furniture, as well as the wall of the room are the factors you need to equally consider. Even though we rarely pay any attention to the bedroom walls during the day, it would be the last thing and also the first thing we see every time we go to sleep and wake up in the morning.

Bedroom Paint Color

Since deciding which color for the bedroom paint is not as easy as it seems and there are several factors which need to consider, we provide you a list of tips considering the matter above;

  1. Consider your bedroom size – the size of your bedroom comes first in this matter. You would need to avoid dark color selection as it will make a small bedroom look smaller.  On the contrary, light and neutral colors are highly recommended. You can try to experiment with bright color hues when talking about the larger bedroom.
  2. Decide upon the feel you wish to create in your bedroom – every color shade has their own mood and feel, from relaxed to sophisticated atmosphere or even romantic, sober, passionate one. Let’s take green for an instance, tranquility and nature are attached to this color. While passion and romance come from the red or pink color.
  3. Consider the current furnishings and furniture style and color scheme – the current furnishings and furniture color determines the color scheme choices. The wall color and the room décor have to be harmoniously matched.
  4. More color with accents –  despite the boring look from one-colored bedroom, it does not merely mean that we must use a palette of colors. Accent wall or accent pieces is the best way in adding color. An accent wall in different color or accent pieces like vibrant pillows and blankets are good choices to add color.
  5. Try the color – in order to avoid the future regret that might come up, it would be best if we try the color on the wall first. You can use a corner of the wall as a canvas to paint the sample colors before deciding the final choice.

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