Choosing Cabinets for Kitchen and Bath

Cabinets for Kitchen and Bath
Cabinets for Kitchen and Bath

The look of kitchen pantry and bathroom sink cabinets define the basic look of each room. Determine through remodeling ideas if there is any aspect of a room that is salvageable. Perhaps the wood on the floors and beams are nice enough to keep. If one prefers a warmer or darker wood, they may decide to sand and stain them. A good cleaning and new knobs might be all that is necessary to redesign. Painting them in bold colors freshen the look and may only cost time and a gallon of paint. Others looking to go new may find the design itself is unappealing or does not mesh with the new ideas they have set forth.

Remodeling ideas for the kitchen and bath involve lots of care because of the effect they have on a space. Cabinets made of oak, cherry, even steel evoke a certain sentiment and emotion. Couple that with paint choices, fixtures and other accessories to totally change the look of a kitchen or bath. In the real estate game, the price of a home may be affected by how well designed the kitchen and bathroom are. It may even affect whether the home is sold at all.

Measurements need to be very precise when installing cabinets. A couple of inches one way or another can throw off the look. It is not a good idea to have cabinets that stick out too much, are too ornate in a plain space, or have no extra room for storage. The measurements need to coincide with the space in which they are established.

Designs are available for every budget. If it is limitless, then custom cabinets are quite nice. Some will decide to reface the current ones, will others choose to install stock design. Some will select used cabinets at a steep discount. A ready to made cabinet has standard measurements and designs. They may be flat on the outside or feature distinctive carving. The handles and knobs add their own flair. Knob choices can mimic current fixtures, copy animal design, or be made of crystal and glass. There is no need to live with dated, dingy cabinets.

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