Creating a Poolside Beach Bungalow

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  1. Add Bamboo on Balcony Railing
  2. Interior Decor
  3. Install a Mini Bar
Poolside Beach Bungalow
Poolside Beach Bungalow

Creating a poolside beach bungalow is the type of project that most people dream about building, and with all of the products on the market today, there are plenty of items with an island flair that can spark your imagination and make your ideas a reality. Beach bungalows by definition are small places to live nearby the beach, so that if you are a surfer or beach lover you’ll have a place to keep your gear and sleep when you are not in the beach or out in the surf. The only thing better than having a bungalow on or near the beach is also having a pool nearby this bungalow on the beach. Of course, you can also design your apartment to look like a beach bungalow even if you don’t live anywhere near the beach. Check out some tips for creating this poolside beach bungalow for yourself no matter where you live.

Add Bamboo on Balcony Railing

Whether you grow your own bamboo or purchase a small bamboo fence, run it along the railing of your balcony or patio out of your beach bungalow beside the pool. Not only can this have a couple of chairs and maybe a small table for you to sun yourself on, it will also create a barrier that will allow you to put all types of water toys and tools on, ranging from pool noodles and rafts to a surfboard and scuba diving gear. Of course, this all depends on the size of your outdoor patio and balcony and how many items you can fit in the area your bamboo is covering. This bamboo railing also echoes back to a classic beach bungalow style, as the original, island beach bungalows were made from bamboo and palm fronds.

Interior Decor

Inside your poolside beach bungalow you will need a specific type of decor on the walls and as general decoration. Posters like those for “Endless Summer” or “Point Break” are beach bungalow staples, as well as a number of different surf photos of someone, maybe you, riding a massive wave. Tropical paintings and or tropical colors are also a good option for a beach bungalow, as it will make everyone who enters the bungalow feel like they have entered a sort of temporary tropical paradise. Ideally, the walls should be made from bamboo or wood, so it feels like an old fashioned beach bungalow, even if it is only an apartment somewhere in Kansas.

Install a Mini Bar

What’s a good poolside beach bungalow without your own mini bar? Find a cheap small bar online on craigslist or buy a new one at a party store. Stock this with liquor, beer and wine and prepare to make your poolside beach bungalow a place for people to start the party before they head out to the pool or the ocean as well as continue the party into the night once the sun has set and everyone is changing out of their suits. While a beach bungalow is classically small and can’t hold too many people, a true beach bungalow is also a place that can host a pretty eventful party. So prepare your poolside beach bungalow to do just this.

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