Ideas for Decorating Your Patio

Patio Ideas
Patio Ideas

Decorating an outdoor patio space can be mystifying if you have never attempted it before. While it may seem easy enough to decorate an indoor space, once you identify how you want to use the space, many a home has a lovely interior decor, but the patio area never gets the attention it deserves. Interestingly, often in home sales new home buyers can be just as impressed with the outdoor or patio area as they may be with the interior. In every way, whether you plan to stay for years and enjoy your patio or you want to put your home on the market for a fast sale, it pays to spruce up your patio with decor that will be enjoyable and inviting. Consider the following design tips and select the ideas that will work best for your space.

Assess Your Space

Your first task when beginning to decorate your patio is to assess the space you have. If you have a very small space, you will make different choices than if you have a larger space. Part of your space assessment should include how and how often you intend to spend time in your patio, whether your kids will want to play there, whether you might like to entertain outdoors, and other factors that can contribute to the design elements you ultimately select.

Select a Theme for Your Patio

Next, based on your space assessment and probably usage, you can select a theme. If your primary use for the patio is for the kids to play in, for instance, you might design an in-ground sand box, a small play set, or even a tree house or space for a small vegetable garden project. If your primary patio use will be for the family to relax in together, then design an area for comfortable chairs and a table, and some visually pleasing garden space for plant life. If instead you have a larger space and want to entertain, consider adding a water feature, an elegant dining set that is weather resistant, and some outdoor lighting and pest-repellant torches or candles.

Incorporating the Right Design Elements for Your Patio

You will also want to consider your climate, whether pests will be a significant problem, and whether you would like to access the patio even if weather is inclement. If so, consider creating an enclosed patio space complete with pest-resistant netting, or at least an overhang where you can shelter from the rain. You should also match the furniture and features to the size of the space. For instance, a large water feature might be too noisy and visible in a small space, but would be a focal point in a larger patio area.

Don’t Forget the Plant Life

Much of the beauty of an outdoor patio is the ability to get close to nature. If you have a small space, consider using planter pots or hanging planters, urns, window boxes, climbing trellis vines, and other types of displays to showcase nature to its best advantage.

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