Save On Air-Conditioning

Save On Air-Conditioning

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  1. Choose the type of equipment
  2. Determine the power required
  3. Look at the energy label
  4. Location and aesthetics
  5. Usage Tips

How is it possible to obtain a natural cooling in house without needing to use air conditioning? There are people who find it very difficult without it, and houses in regions with extreme temperatures need the assistance of this appliance.

If we are placed in such a situation we should take into account some basic guidelines, both before and after purchase, to achieve the maximum possible energy saving.

Choose the type of equipment

Basically an air conditioner consists of two units: an evaporator and a condenser. In compact systems the two units are together in the same case. They are called Split level systems which have a separate internal and external unit and may be used in one or more interior rooms (multi-Split). Its installation requires masonry, plumbing and electricity, so we must also take account the expenditure that it will incur. We will also have to consider whether we need a non-reversible that provides only cold air, or a reversible, with the heat pump. It is generally advisable because the gain in benefits is only a very small difference in price.

Determine the power required

If, when we spoke of the refrigerator we gave attention primarily to our habits and the number of people who made up the family unit. In the case of air conditioning we should take into account the characteristics of the conditioned rooms in order to determine whether the cooling capacity will be sufficient.

To determine the power that it will consume, the cooling is calculated on the basis of 100 square meters. However there are certain factors such as the glazed surfaces, the direction or quality of building materials that can cause differences to these calculations. Therefore it is best left for a professional’s advice to make this decision.

Look at the energy label

We know that the energy of Class A appliances have the most suitable energy, so it is very important to choose this class, taking into account that the same level of devices consume up to 60% more electricity than others. Ideally, choose one with the inverter technology. Conventional devices achieve the desired temperature through the compressor which incorporates the inverter regulating the frequency of operation of the compressor to reach before the ideal temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached it operates at minimum frequency, without stopping or interrupting, thereby saving more effectively.

Location and aesthetics

It is very important to place the outdoor unit not directly towards the sun and where there is good air circulation. In case there is a roof it should cover it with a system completely.

Fortunately units in aesthetics has become a growing problem and you have more to choose from air-conditioned corners of interchangeable panels with different colors, such as the cover image, to other tables that simulate famous authors.

Usage Tips

Most of the advice that was given is for a natural cooling and this will reduce air conditioning costs by between 20% and 30%. It’s most suitable with insulation films on windows, installing awnings, blinds and closed curtains, closed windows and ventilation in the early hours of the day.

It is important not to adjust the thermostat below 25 º. Remember that for every degree the temperature is reduced, it produces 8% more energy consumption.

Finally do not forget to perform proper maintenance, with periodic reviews and regular cleaning of filters.

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