Small Bathroom Design


With space limitation, we are often stuck with the minimalist small bathroom area. Every house has at least one small bathroom . If you have a small bathroom, you may be wondering about the best way to make your small space appear larger. You may be wondering whether you should stick to neutral colors, and you may be hesitant to experiment with wall decorations such as large mirrors, sconces, and chandeliers. Break away from the stereotypes that you associate with having a small bathroom, and embrace your space is. Ignore words like cramped, chaotic, and small, and instead, focus on words like cozy, elegant, eclectic, and character. No matter your space is large or small, the trick is about the balance between function and aesthetics.


With a small bathroom, you have to think about the function and aesthetics as one of the ways is minimalist: only include what you need in the bathroom you.The bathroom is a moist environment. Smaller spaces can be more humid due to airflow limitation. When you take a shower or run hot water, your bathroom may feel humid and hot. You also may notice that the room you are prone to fungus or bacteria that can be difficult to be cleaned. In term of the moisture, you need to make sure that your bathroom has good ventilation.


Some solutions can help you help the air flow through your small space. The first is as simple as a window that you already have. Choose to install a larger window or just some small window that open to the outside. Open the window when you are done with your shower, and let the room breathe. Open the bathroom door to keep the air flowing in and out as much as possible. Your bathroom will feel cleaner, and you will feel much more comfortable with a more functional space.

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