The Big Challenge – Small Bathroom Design

Small Bathroom Design
Small Bathroom Design

Designing a small bathroom can prove to be quite challenging since you’re working with less space with the same materials. There are some aspects you need to determine first to save money and effort. If you’re able to pull it all off, you’ll be able to get the convenience and beauty you’ve always wanted without compromise. Here are some tips how.

Your basic goal in designing a small bathroom is for it to serve all the necessary functions without looking too cramped and little. First, you need to make the space seem larger by using components that perfectly match the size of the room. Choosing the standard toilet bowl size is adequate. The sink should also be standard. You may choose not to include a bathtub if it tends to dominate more than one-third of the total space. Instead, assign a shower area at the end of the bathroom.

For paint, choose light colors to make your bathroom seem larger. White, beige, yellow and sky blue are excellent choices. If you’re planning to install tiles on the wall, it’s better to use bigger ones instead of several small pieces. You can install one or two huge mirrors on one or two sides of the room to create an enlargement illusion. A pocket door is better compared to a hinged one when trying to add more space. Visually, translucent shower doors make the room much bigger too. Shower curtains are optional but make sure you stick to the color theme. Using a single finish on everything is recommended for consistency.

Install a bath cabinet and vanity where you can store toiletries and cleaning supplies. A smaller cabinet and vanity is ideal to save more space. Hanging sinks are also better since these provide more space underneath. Avoid putting drapes on bathroom windows. You may even choose translucent or opaque glass instead without using any curtains at all.

As much as possible, your small bathroom door should open outward to save more space. Some small bathrooms already lack space that the door cannot full open since it will hit the nearby sink. Stay away from pedestal sinks. Practicality is preferred over luxury at this point.

You need to weigh your options when designing a small bathroom. You may install a favorite item like a bathtub considering that you know how to properly organize other essentials. Just be sure that every person coming in will be safe and comfortable.

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