Using Contrast With Interior Design


The color scheme which you choose to employ on your next interior design project can make all of the difference in the world in the way the room ends up feeling. Designers are often attracted to very mono-toned colors because it presents the eye with a very direct image. Using these big blocks of color, one can often set up a great mood of contrast that makes a room interesting and dramatic. Something to keep in mind, however, is that a room also has to be comfortable enough to spend time in. Making a room too dramatic will often make this quality harder to deal with.

Wood finishing can often give a great palate for anyone who is looking to set up color contrasts. The wood will often provide a deep and rich color whether it is of a dark or light grain. Finding colors to soften and balance this wood out can work well, through the use of lighter creams and whites. This can provide a nice balance to the richness of the wood and allow for one to feel as if a room is opening and welcoming to them.

Textures can be another great way to balance out the color scheme in a room. A texture can give the eye more to dwell on and it won’t let one focus on the often stark contrasts which can take place. This will help the room to soften up some and become more inviting to any guest who may enter it. Making guests feel welcome and comfortable is an important part of any design job and using this type of textured contrast will aid in this.

Plants are yet another way to bring more softness and comfort to any room. The color schemes in a room way work well even if they are too dramatic. Involving a number of plants, from fresh flowers, ferns, and even small trees can help to open up the space in a room. It will breathe some life into a room so even the most dramatic of spaces can feel as if it is more alive than a starkly contrasted room.

Using rugs in the space may help anyone to open up the floor in a way that can unite the rest of the room. The color of the area rugs which you may choose to use can either provide the contrast that you need to give the room vibrant energy or it can be a uniting factor between two contrasting colors, helping to bring the color into a harmonious union. Knowing how to use your color palate can help when you are setting up the drama of a room.

Taking the time to test out a color palate before determining exactly what colors you are going to go for can help you before you make a mistake. Instead of immediately buying pieces of furniture that you like, taking the time to examine the colors and contrasts in action can make you decide whether your initial design will actually work.

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